Tuesday, May 8, 2018


The 300 win mag is one of the best performing bullet cartridges in the world today. When combined with brilliant rifles cope, it delivers utmost performance.

The term 300 Win Mag or 300WM is a short form for 300 Winchester Magnum which is a bottlenecked and belted magnum rifle cartridge introduced in 1963 by Winchester repeating Arms Company? Its design was based on the .338 Winchester Magnum and the 375 H&H Magnum.

There exist a number of best scopes which include;

1. The Leopold VX-I Rifle Scope
If you think of quality rifle scopes, Leopold comes to mind first.an American institution that has been paired up with quality precision rifle for decades. Leopold scopes gives you confidence and performance at an affordable price. The VX-I is one of the best .300 Win Mag scopes out there due to its strong and rugged build and also for its famous precision.it features; three to nine power magnification, fully coated optics, precision windage and elevation adjustment and a huge 50mm objective lens, this scope will easily fulfill any task you have in mind

2. Nikon Buck master
Nikon has been making fine quality optics for generations and their buck master scope is a continuation of the legacy. The qualities of this scope include water-,fog-and shock-proof construction, specially coated and designed optics that maximize light transmission.

To add to it, the buck master features a special bullet drop compensating reticle that allows you to quickly determine target distance and select an aim point that compensates for bullet drop on magnum caliber rounds
3. Night force SHV 5-20x56mm
The night force is one of the leaders in modern high powered rifle scopes. The .300 Win Mag demands a scope with serious power and night force delivers.

It features; 5-20 power magnification, an enormous 56mm objective lens, and built to the exacting standards you’ve come to expect from night force, this is a scope that will allow you to wring the maximum potential from your.300 Win Mag.

Designed with long range hunters and target shooters in mind, from the wilds of Alaska hunting big game to the thousand yard range at home.

4. The Redfield revolution riflescope
The company that produces the Redfield rifle scopes is now owned by the company that produce Leopold scopes. Its outstanding features include;

A lifetime warranty, three to nine power magnification, fast focusing eye piece, multicoated optics for optimal clarity, and fog-water-and shock-proof construction.

Also Redfield is famous for an affordable, budget friendly scope that delivers quality and performance that you would expect from something more expensive

It caters for .300 Win Mag shooters who are budget-minded.

Therefore it’s clear to say that the best .300 Win Mag scopes have few things in common. They could be waterproof, shock proof, or fog proof. If a scope doesn’t meet these, don’t purchase. This is because its fundamentally basic technology that anything other than the absolutely cheapest scopes will have them.

The best scopes will be stout and rugged. Modern alloys can deliver stronger than steel strength at a fraction of the weight. Look for one that’s built for hard use.